Creator, lover of love, and avid dreamer.

Oh - and a total nerd. No use in hiding it, but hey nerds are cool now—right??

Hey hey, I’m Anna!

Did I mention I’m a huge sap?

I know how important this day is for you, and I’m here to freeze it in time so that you can relive your happiest moments over and over again. Those countless details you’ve planned for are important, but even more important are the laughs, the smiles, the quiet loving glances…the ultimate celebration of your love that you are sharing with your closest friends and family.

Now let’s fast forward a few years.

I’m here to capture the love in the smallest moments of your biggest day.

My journey behind the lens started in what we called the ‘J-Lab’ AKA where the high school Journalism kids spent all of their time instead of going to parties. Yearbook was my life, and I loved it! Whether it was a marching band competition, track meet, or Friday night football game - you could find me there snapping away.

Outside of running my business and falling in love with my couples, you can find me cuddling with my two sweet kitties E.B. and Louhi (pronounced ‘low-he’), doing a LOT of baking, or spending time with my partner Tristan. In the summer we like to play tennis or go to the local disc golf course and in the winter we like to binge-watch The Great British Bake Off and Cutthroat Kitchen...hey we can’t be about that active lifestyle all the time.

I value kindness and empathy over all else because let’s be real, life is hard enough. I want my work to focus on the things that make life beautiful - love, laughter, and human connection. I strive to serve laid back, crazy in love couples by providing a stress-free day that’s about celebrating and cherishing that love you have for each other!!

AKA my values:

My heart and soul

I hope you were able to get an idea of who I am, and if you’ve read this far I have a feeling you value the same things I do! So are you ready to make your dreams come true? Drop me a line and we’ll get this party started - I can’t wait to hear about you and your favorite person!

Speaking of which, who is the lovely person reading this?!